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Stop Press - The "Northland Penguins" team was successfull in winning the Export Gold Matchfishing league. Warren Hay and his team really know their stuff (with boats and fishing) and did well to rise above some very good competition from around New Zealand.


22 lb snapper caught by a useless fisherman on salted bonito in the Bay of Islands kelp off Reberton Island.

22 Lb snapper caught by a hopelessly poor fisherman on Salted Bonito, in the kelp off Roberton, BOI, Nov 08.

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Northland and New Zealand's most popular bait since 1985.

We offer:

  • Our long standing reputation for quality product - generally food grade product (although not processed at a food grade plant and not for human consumption).
  • Intensive service to most northland areas over peak times.
  • National distribution - together with merchandising for key accounts.
  • We supply freezers where justified by sales.
  • We can supply a quality range of terminal tackle.
  • Internet ordering.
  • Our pilchards are caught here in northland.
  • Television advertising to drive business to your door.

Unless northland can't keep up with supply in which case we source hi-spec pillies from Australia and USA.

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  • - Karen Tustian 027 5403770
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Kim Robinson with a snapper that just failed to meet the 20lb mark caught using Penguin berley and pilchards off the back of Urupukapuka island, Bay of Islands.Mark Bridger of the Penguin sponsored Oh-to Fish team with some nice snapper and accepting the biggest bag of snapper trophy at the Furuno for year 6 in a row.




Products include:
Pilchards, Premium NZ IQF - 1kg, 2.5kg, 4kg, 10kg
Pilchards, block - 1kg, 2kg, 5kg,
Pilchards, salted, - 330gm 2.5kg
Squid (baby), - 320gm, 1kg, 5lb,10kg.
Salted squid 330gm,
Bonito, - 320gm, 15kg.

Salmon smolt 1kg IQF

Salted bonito, - 330gm, 1kg, 2.5kg
Berley, - 1.5kg, 4kg, 8kg.

Salmon berley 1.5kg, 4kg
Mackerel, salted, - 1kg, 2.5kg, IQF, - 10kg
Mullet, IQF, - twinpack, 10kg, salted, 330gm, 1kg, 2.5kg.
Piper, 500gm
Trevally, - 320gm.
Sanma, - 1kg

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